Grannys Furniture - Have not heard back as of yet from LTD

Toledo, Ohio 0 comments

I have purchased items for many years from LTD.order two bookshelves with door , 9in around and 59 high.

put them together and all matched up. places the shelves inside and light items on the shelfs, and now the top of the doors on both have sunken in but ok on the bottom. cannot adjust them and cant send them back we dont have the boxes and not tearing them down. I can take pics if u want.

over 70 dollars total for the two and I am not a happy camper, it is made so cheap that I guess once u put the shelfs in it must have thrown off the balance. either the doors wont close or they are sunken in way to much and is totally obvious.

What is wrong with these cabinets?they totally are junk!!


Review about: Slimline Wooden Cabinets.

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